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Topic Chair
1 Growth and Properties of AlGaN Heterostructures and AlN templates Chia-Yen Huang
Markus Weyers
2 Growth and Properties of Oxides (Ga2O3 etc.) and Diamond Hsin-Ying Lee
Ekaterine Chikoidze
3 UV-emitters (Lasers and LEDs) and Detectors Zhi Ting Ye
Jing-Kai Huang
4 Nanostructures and Nanodevices Yu-Hsun Chou
Howard (Ho Wai) Lee
5 UV Photonics and Photonic Devices Ming-Lun Tseng
Kuniaki Konishi
6 Wide-gap Heterostructure Physics Yuh-Renn Wu
Shigefusa Chichibu
7 UV Characterization Techniques Chan-Shan Yang
Junyong Kang
8 2D Material-based Epitaxy and Layer Transfer for UV Chih-Wei Chu
Lance Lain-Jong (Lance) Li
9 Applications (Medical and others) of UV LED and Lasers Hsiang-Chen Wang
Sung Kyun Park
10 Special Topic: Power Devices: SiC, GaN and Oxide Relative Materials Wei-Chih Lai
Shyh-Chiang Shen