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Presentation Guidelines


• Contributed presentations are 15 minutes and invited speaker presentations are 30 minutes (set up and Q&A are included within this timeframe).

• All talks are limited to the amount of time listed in the program. Authors must bring their own laptops, any power cords, and any proprietary cords (adaptors). IWUMD2024 does not supply laptops, laser pointers or slide advancers.


• The presenter must be an author of the poster and a registered attendee.

• Each presentation will be assigned a board and will be labeled with the number of the abstract.

The maximum size of your poster should be :

  • Metric -90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height)
  • Standard – 36 inches (width) x 48 inches (height)

• The poster boards will accept pushpins which will be available in the poster hall. Please return the pins at the end of your poster session.

• Display your material in large print so it may be read from a distance. Print TITLE and AUTHORS in extra-large print across the top of your display.