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Invited Speakers:


Duanjun Cai (Xiamen University, China)

Bridging role of 2D hexagonal Boron Nitride for multi-dimensional heterostructures


Ming-Chang Chen (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Coherent EUV light generation and its application on nano-metrology


Yuh-Jen Cheng (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Enhancing AlGaN UV laser emission by hyperbolic metamaterial resonator


Sylvia Hagedorn (Ferdinand Braun Institute, Germany)

High-temperature annealed Al(Ga)N for UV LEDs 


Hideki Hirayama (RIKEN, Japan)

Development of 220-230nm AlGaN far-UVC LEDs and demonstration of 200mW class LED panel


Yao-Wei Huang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University,Taiwan)

Compact depth sensing and facial recognition with metasurfaces


Dae-Woo Jeon (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology, Korea)

MOCVD growth of homo-epitaxial β-Ga2O3 for power devices applications


Riena Jinno (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Stranski-Krastanov-like growth of α-(Al,Ga)2O3 films on m-plane sapphire substrates 


M. Ajmal Khan (RIKEN, Japan)

RIKEN progress of 0.31% EQE in 228 nm far-UVC LED and 10% EQE in UVB LED grown on c-sapphire


Jong Kyu Kim (POSTECH, Korea)

Growth of hexagonal boron nitrides by MOCVD and their applications


Kuniaki Konishi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Generation and polarization control of vacuum ultraviolet coherent light using dielectric nanomembrane metastructures


Pei-Cheng Ku (Uiversity of Michigan, USA)

UV/Visible on-chip spectrometers with GaN nanostructures


Ching-Ting Lee  (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

The development and progress of monolithic GaN-based complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor HEMT


Ray-Ming Lin  (Chang Gung University, Taiwan)

How to take advantage of losing? -The development of UVB LED


Chien Chun Lu (Industrial technology research institute, Taiwan)

The innovative application research of GaN technology in a solar-powered UVC LED water sterilizer and an electric motor drive controller


Takashi Matsuoka (Tohoku University, Japan)

New Developments in Nitride Semiconductors Focusing on Wurtzite Structure ~ Inverted HEMTs, Solar Cells, and Red LEDs ~


Hideto Miyake (Mie University, Japan)

Deep-UV LED on face-to-face annealed sputter-deposited AlN templates


Eva Monroy (Laboratory for Quantum Photonics, Electronics and Engineering (PHELIQS), France)

III-nitride nanostructures for cathodoluminescent far-UVC emitters


Okhyun Nam (Korea Polytechnic University, Korea)

Diamond growth for future power and quantum device applications


Myeongseok Oh (PhotonWave Ltd., Korea)

Development status of 230 nm Far-UVC LED 


Boon S. Ooi (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

Ga2O3 membranes via quasi-Van Der Waals epitaxy on epitaxial graphene layers


Yoshiki Saito (Toyota Gosei, Japan)

Developments in highly efficient and long-life AlGaN based UVC LEDs 


Vinod Eric Sandana (Nanovation, France)

Novel Ga2O3 based UVC photodetector arrays for remote optical fire sensing and localisation


Shyh-Chiang Shen (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

GaN manufacturing for power electronic applications


Atsushi Taguchi (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Advancing material processing with multiphoton DUV lithography


Tetsuya Takeuchi (Meijo University, Japan)

Hole generation in polarization-doped AlGaN graded layers for DUV light emitters


Liang Wu (Ultratrend Technologies Co. Ltd, China)

Preparation of 2-inch bulk AlN substrates by PVT with transmittance comparable to HVPE-grown AlN


Pin Chieh Wu (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

Unlocking limited wavefront engineering in metasurfaces for advanced imaging